Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google Street VIew

From Wikipedia

On May 25, 2007, Google released Street View, a new feature of Google Maps which provides 360° panoramic street-level views of Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tucson, Pittsburgh, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, and their surrounding metropolitan areas.

This feature has raised some privacy concerns, with views found to show men leaving strip clubs, protesters at an abortion clinic, sunbathers in bikinis, and other activities. Google maintains that the photos were taken from public property.

Before launching the service, Google removed photos of domestic violence shelters, and allows users to flag inappropriate or sensitive imagery for Google to review and remove. The process for requesting that an image be removed is not trivial.

Images of potential break-ins, sunbathers and individuals entering adult bookstores have, for example, remained active and these images have been widely republished.

Google has plans in the near future to add other U.S. cities to Street View, including Richmond, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Jacksonville and Seattle. It is not known when other parts of the U.S. and world will be included.

Here's PSU from Market St. at the Park Blocks. Click on photo to enlarge.

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