Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Oregon Encyclopedia

The Oregon Encyclopedia

Do you want to know more about Oregon? Do you know something about Oregon you want to share? Do you have a suggestion for an entry in the Encyclopedia that might interest others? All information in the Encyclopedia is vetted by a distinguished Editorial Board.

The Oregon Encyclopedia, [is] an authoritative compendium of information on Oregon people, places, events, and institutions. Over the next several months, culminating in 2009 as part of Oregon's State Sesquicentennial, the Encyclopedia will grow to contain thousands of entries on Oregon history and culture written by knowledgeable authors, reviewed by experts, and meticulously checked to ensure accuracy.

The Oregon Encyclopedia is an exciting new way for Oregonians to learn about all things Oregon, from the expected to the unexpected. All Oregonians are invited to participate by suggesting entries, writing submissions, and attending community meetings beginning in the spring of 2008.

The Oregon Encyclopedia is a collaborative project of Portland State University and the Oregon Historical Society, with generous support from the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, the Oregon Heritage Commission, and the Oregon Council for the Humanities.

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