Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ken Finch, Oregon Symphony Celllist, Entertains RAPSU

At the RAPSU General Meeting yesterday Tom Wente, Group Sales Manager for the Oregon Symphony, presented highlights of the coming year's concerts.

Accompanying him was cellist Ken Finch, who talked, played his cello and presented this video of himself
playing Andantino from 3 duets Op. 22 by F.A Kummer. The video was produced by Ken's 15-year-old son, who won an award for best video at the Signal-to-Noise Festival, featuring the best of Beaverton student-directed video and moving image art.

Click on the arrow to play the video.


Anonymous said...

This video is amazingly creative in picturing a magnificent performance, and both the young producer and the musicians deserve rousing applause.
Robert M. Atkins, RAPSU Member

RAPSU said...

Hi Robert. It may be a little difficult to tell, but Ken Finch is playing both the bowed line and the pizzicato line. The video had to capture him twice and integrate the performances.