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The Latest Scoop on Plastic Recycling in the Portand Area

The Latest Scoop on Plastic Recycling

The Chinese New Year, traditionally the slowest time of the year for plastic recycling markets, has come and gone and, as promised, it is time to revisit the situation of "beyond the curb" plastic recycling in the metro area.

Plastic Roundups Continues to be Postponed

Unfortunately, Master Recycler Plastic Roundups will not be scheduled anytime in the near future. Agri-plas Inc., who recycled our plastics, further downsized this winter and will not have the capacity to sell the 20 tons that usually accumulates at a roundup. Master Recyclers will revisit the possibility of an event in the fall, but we cannot confirm at this time whether that will happen.

But There Are Local Depot Options

Far West Fibers collects just about every rigid plastic except PVC vinyl. They also accept "film" that is easy to stretch and poke a hole through (think grocery or produce bag).

Far West Fibers - seven locations
· 6440 SE Alexander, Hillsboro
· 10750 SW Denney Rd, Beaverton
· 4629 SE 17th Ave, Portland
· 12820 NE Marx St, Portland
· 1520 NW Quimby, Portland
· 2005 N Rosa Parks Blvd, Portland
· 341 Foothills Rd, Lake Oswego

For more information

New Homes for Block Foam

Some great news is that there are now two local companies viably recycling block foam. Pacific Land Clearing and Total Reclaim have both invested in the special equipment necessary to recover the material. Most of the Styrofoam will be recycled into building material.

Thank you for recycling! Oregonians recycle enough material every year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to 740,000 cars. The materials your place in your curbside are still being turned into new materials.

We can continue to make a big difference.

J Lauren Norris
Master Recycler Program Coordinator
721 NW 9th Ave., Suite 350
Portland, OR 97209

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Curbside Recycling



Newspaper and any inserts that come in the newspaper. Do not include plastic bags, string, or banding.

Magazines and Catalogs

Telephone books and paper bags

Aceptics such as milk, juice, and soymilk cartons. Other coated food containers go in with scrap paper.

Scrap paper and junk mail including:

  • mail
  • cereal, cracker, and shoe boxes
  • paper egg cartons
  • wrapping paper without foil
  • greeting cards

Scrap Paper

  • NO tissue (paper towels, tissues, etc.)
  • NO food contaminated paper
  • NO hardback books
  • NO wax coated boxes or paper

Corrugated Cardboard should be flattened and secured under the bin.


NO food contaminated boxes such as pizza boxes or wax coated boxes


Plastic bottles and milk jugs must have a neck or a screw on top. Please rinse all containers to remove food residue and liquids.


  • NO bottles that contained petroleum products such as motor oil, pesticides, or herbicides
  • NO rigid plastic. Plastic tubs, buckets and trays can be taken to the recycling depot.
  • NO Styrofoam. Contact Metro Recycling for information on how to recycle Styrofoam.
  • NO caps, lids, or spray pumps
  • NO plastic bags or film. Film can be taken to the recyling depot.



Scrap Metal including:

  • aluminum cans, food trays, and foil
  • tin cans
  • aerosol cans
  • scrap metal no more the 30" or 30 lbs. Larger pieces can be taken to the recycling depot.
  • non-ferrous metal


Glass Jars and Bottles need to be placed in a separate container next to your other recycling.


A container for your glass:

  • Empty 5-gallon bucket
  • Pail
  • Plastic utility crate
  • Small wastebasket
  • Dishtub

Motor Oil

Motor Oil

Motor oil should be poured into a clear plastic container such as a milk jug with a screw-on lid. The container needs to be no larger then one gallon.

Place the motor oil next to the bin.

Oil contaminated with other fluids can not be taken. Call Metro Recycling at 503-234-3000 for information on where to take contaminated oil.

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