Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Art From the Unexpected

Creativity isn't something only reserved for the creative department. What about letting those who actually run the businesses have a go at it too? Art From the Unexpected is about challenging 20 of our industry's leaders, who don't typically get to be visually creative in their day-to-day, to create an original art piece. That's not all. They will join us in presenting their one-of-a-kind creation to you. What motivates these leaders to be creative?

Ad Lounge's "Art From the Unexpected" is held in collaboration with SKETCH, a charity that values creativity as much as our industry does. We are honoured to collaborate with them on this gala event. SKETCH is a community arts initiative that creates opportunities for street-involved and homeless youth aged 15-29 by offering them tools to engage in the arts, a safe place to express and create, and opportunities to creatively integrate back into community life.

20 of our industry's leaders have accepted one of the most unique challenges of their careers. They span from Toronto to Vancouver to San Francisco to New York. What inspires them to think creatively?


Jack Bensimon
Bensimon Byrne

Shelley Brown
Partner & Director of Strategic Planning

Tony Chapman
Capital C

Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr

David Feldt
Senior VP, Managing Director
Organic Inc.

Goodwin Gibson
MacLaren MRM

Ian Heaps
Blundstone Canada

Cam Heaps
Co-Founder, President
Steam Whistle Brewing

Dawna Henderson
President & CEO
henderson bas

Mitch Joel
Twist Image

Anthony Lacavera
Globalive Communications

Paul Lavoie
Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer

Lee LeFever
Common Craft

Kevin McLaughlin

Kerry Munro
General Manager
Yahoo! Canada

Frank Palmer
Founder, Chairman/CEO
DDB Canada

Geoffrey Roche
Founder, Chief Creative Officer
Lowe Roche

Andrea Stairs
Head of Marketing
eBay Canada

Dave Stevens
General Manager
MySpace Canada

Mia Wedgbury
High Road Communications

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By leelefever on April 28, 2009 - 9:09am.

A few months ago I was contacted by AdLounge, an organization in Toronto, about an event they are hosting on June 16th called "Art from the Unexpected." The idea is to have 20 leaders, not formally known as artists, create pieces to be auctioned for charity. In this case, the charity is SKETCH, an organization that works with homeless and street-involved youth to engage in the arts.

The idea sounded fun and I was happy that I could contribute to a charity event. So, I began work on my "Unexpected Art" piece - something that came to be known as "the art project" here at Common Craft HQ. I had been thinking about a way to take the style of our videos and apply it to something static and came up with a way to use foam board to create depth and texture.

Here's my contribution to the event.

Toronto in Paper

It comes framed in a deep, 3 inch frame and is made from paper and layered foamboard.

I'm so excited to see how the piece does in the auction. If you live in Toronto, or plan to be there on June 16th, I hope that you'll attend the event and take something

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