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Hulu's mission is to help you find and enjoy the world's premium content, when, where and how you want it. Our library includes thousands of videos, from full episodes of new and classic TV shows to full-length movies, web originals and clips. We are always working with our content partners to deliver the most compelling selection of programming online. Click here to browse our lineup of tv shows.

HD Programming

Hulu is committed to leveraging and developing innovative technologies that deliver the best possible online video viewing experience. To that end, the Hulu HD gallery is the first step in making HD-quality videos available on We'll continue to evaluate our video stream sizes against broadband penetration and the internet connection speeds of our users to find the optimal bitrates for our videos.

Closed Captioning

Hulu currently receives closed-captioning data for some of its shows and is committed to expanding our library of closed-captioned content. The closed-captioning data that's used for broadcast TV isn't easily translated for online use, so we're investigating alternative solutions to boost our closed-captioning coverage.

Closed-captioned content is easily identified by the "cc" icon that appears next to a video title. A closed captioning filter is also available on Hulu's Most Popular and Recently Added pages. When available, you can turn on captioning by clicking on the "cc" button that appears to the left of the volume control in the video player window, then selecting a language. A default setting for closed captioning is also available in your Hulu Profile & Settings tab.


Hulu works with its advertisers all the time to provide a great ad experience for our users. We're constantly improving our ad targeting and continue to explore ways to innovate so that watching videos is a Hulu a positive experience for all our users.

Software Requirements

To enjoy videos at Hulu, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

In addition, you will need an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Our videos stream at 480Kbps or 700Kbps, and we'll adjust our stream based on your bandwidth, but we recommend a downstream bandwidth of 1,000Kbps or higher for the smoothest playback experience. You can test your downstream bandwidth at Once there, click on the yellow pyramid on the map (if none of the pyramids are yellow, select one that is closest to your geographic location). This will initiate a speed test. Once complete, your downstream bandwidth is displayed in the "Download" box near the top of your screen.

Some of our videos now come in a 1,000 Kbps, H.264, 480p stream. You can recognize these streams by the 480p Hi-Res button that will appear in the lower right of the player. To watch these high-resolution streams, you'll need to upgrade to Flash Player We recommend a downstream bandwidth of 1,500Kbps for the smoothest playback experience.

You'll also need Flash Player to watch the 720p clips in our HD Gallery. Those are encoded at 2,500Kbps, and we recommend a downstream bandwidth of over 3,500Kbps to stream those. You can also pause the video and allow the streams to buffer before playing.


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