Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been hearing an announcer on NPR recently ending his segment with, "Make it a good day." I wondered if this was the replacement for the hackneyed, "Have a good day," so I did an Internet search. I didn't find this phrase widely used, but here's one author who had something to say about it.

"I've talked to many people out there unhappy because their lives don't fit their expectations or 'scripts'. They feel the best path to happiness is to change their scripts to change their lives. Good advice for some, perhaps, but not necessary for most. You see, having been there on multiple occasions, I have come to believe that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. It is usually not a new career, a new position, a new spouse, a material object. IT IS A FRAME OF MIND! It took the first half of my working life, including several job and career changes to discover this. The man who gave me my first job at age 16, a successful entrepreneur who has since passed on, used to be fond of telling people 'Make it a good day.' Not 'have a good day', but 'Make it a good day.' It IS a choice. You can choose to be unhappy about things such as workloads, clients, co-workers, income, or a host of other things, but I choose to make every day a good day. I truly love what I do, and know the rewards will be there in the end, provided I continue to learn and improve myself."

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