Sunday, October 26, 2008

Notes Notes Notes

Do you have little pieces of paper scattered around the house with notes on them? Do you have multiple lists of things to do, things to get, places to go, people to call, telephone numbers, memos, odd words, etc.? How do you organize any of this?

Here's a way to do it on the Internet in a secure way on any computer that has Internet access: Animist Notes from Michael McDonald, CEO of Worldisround.

Here is Michael's description of the features of his notes:

One Big Pile
Animist Notes is essentially one big pile of notes with two fundamental features: add and search.

Search Makes it Worthwhile
Have you ever searched your mail archive in Gmail? Ever searched Google for a page you already found in the past? Same idea. By combining a simple note-writing interface with a powerful search interface you can 'remember' all those bits of information.

Animist Notes is a Web application so that you can access your notes from any Web browser, including browsers on PDAs and smartphones. All of your data is saved, and backed up, on the Animist servers so you don't need to worry about losing your valuable data when your computer crashes.

Most blogging and note-type services are focused on publishing content to the world. This is natural for advertising-based businesses and businesses that measure their success in eyeballs.

But Animist Notes is designed for personal use. Your notes are for your eyes only. There's no need to edit, scrutinize, apologize or make your notes look presentable. Add anything and everything.

Animist Notes is also secure. Your data is stored under lock and key, with secured backups as well. You are encouraged to use the SSL-encrypted 'secure site' whenever possible to keep your password and your notes secret and safely hidden from prying eyes.

To create a User Account Click Here.

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