Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing Inauguration Photo

From a friend: "Wherever your political loyalties lie, this is an amazing picture -- and much fun to play with. Although it takes a moment to focus after you've zoomed, the clarity is quite phenomenal. You can almost read the music on the Marine Band's stands. See Barbara Bush's earmuffs. See Aretha Franklin's hat. See Diane Feinstein's profile! Try zooming in on any area and see how clear the photo appears.

Forget megapixels ... this is 2 GIGAPIXLES! You can easily use the zoom in/out cursor and navigate up/down right/left movement. Double clicking will also zoom and moving the hand cursor will also navigate. The high resolution enables you to see the facial expressions of anyone in the picture.

Can you find Donald Rumsfeld (former Sec Def)? Hint: He's wearing a blue parka. If the link does not work, try copying & pasting it into your address bar."

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