Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RAPSU Watercolor Artist

RAPSU Member Laura Hopper now has a website.

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Laura's World of Watercolor Paintings

During the years I spent as a career teacher and mother of three boys, my opportunities to paint came intermittently. Whenever I picked up my brushes the world's colors, shapes, and shadows became more defined. Digital photography has made it possible for me to quickly record light reflecting off a garbage can in Paris; orange net stockings on a girl in Barcelona; a lone artichoke in an abandoned field on Sauvie Island. Gathering images for future paintings makes travel more interesting - whether it's a trip to buy groceries via the Portland Streetcar or an adventure in China.

After retiring from teaching, my husband and I took off for a three year vacation in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I felt warmly welcomed when my paintings were accepted in both the Florida Watercolor Society Show and the Florida Colored Pencil Society Show. That was followed by invitations to hang in two galleries and opportunities to teach watercolor classes in three locations. It was a fun time, but as our children returned with their families to Oregon, we knew it was time to return home, also.

I enjoy being at the stage in life where I can paint "according to the rules"...or...not! Sometimes my painted giraffes match the colors in the zoo and sometimes they match my mood for the day -- and that can be colorful.

My favorite way to exhibit is where I can be face-to-face with the admirer... or the critic. During recent years I have enjoyed setting up outdoor displays during First Thursday's in the Pearl and at numerous other outdoor and indoor shows.

Some of Laura Hopper's most recent paintings are shown below. Watch for the newest ones to appear.

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