Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Father’s House Community Shelter

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My Father's House Community Shelter is a family shelter located in East Multnomah County, Oregon. We provide a safe environment for 30 families, a place families can stay together as they address their spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational issues and needs.

Since more than half of our residents are children, our family shelter provides a home-style atmosphere that encourages change, structure, and accountability, as well as life changing classes and services that are suited for the entire family. For many of these parents it is their only opportunity for a chance to get back on their feet.

All of our programs stress responsible living and decision making. We never do anything for residents they are able to do for themselves, but we are available with assistance, encouragement, support, training and prayer. We are a community-based and completely privately funded family shelter – supported by hundreds of local churches, businesses and individuals.


My Father's House…

  • Turns away an average of 100 families every week
  • Is the largest privately funded family shelter of its kind in the United States.
  • Has an incredible success rate of 85% (stats from 2007)
  • Shelters over 130 families each year


  • There are over 3,000 homeless families on any given night in Multnomah County
  • The average age of a homeless person is "9-years old"
  • Homelessness is growing exponentially at a rate of 37% each year
  • There are more homeless families than there are homeless singles

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