Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A super request

Portland Opera is seeking supernumeraries or "extras" for their upcoming production of The Turn of the Screw. It's an unusual production in that they need 40 supers all over the age of 60! This is an exciting chance to perform in an opera without actually having to sing.

The production requires 20 men and 29 women who are servants in the house. They are all supposed to be or look at least 60 years old. (Don't worry - makeup can help with this) The production in being directed by Nic Muni and looks very interesting. The supers are onstage for a large portion of the show, watching the action and moving some props.

This is a large time commitment, generally around 30 hours of rehearsal BEFORE the move from the Hampton Opera Center to the Keller Auditorium for rehearsals and performances.

Staging Rehearsals at the Hampton Opera Center
Rehearsals begin January 12, 2009.
Rehearsals take place M-Th and Saturday from 7p-10p, and Sunday from 1p-5p. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be available in early Dec., with exact dates and times outlined.

Onstage rehearsals at the Keller Auditorium
Friday, Jan. 20 7p-11p
Sat. Jan. 31 7p-11p
Sunday, Feb. 1 7p-11p
Monday, Feb. 2 7p-10:30p
Wed., Feb. 4 7p-10:30p

Friday, Feb. 6 7:30p
Sunday, Feb. 8 2p
Thursday, Feb. 12 7:30p
Sat., Feb. 14 7:30p

Please email with questions.

If you are interested please out an online application:

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