Thursday, January 22, 2009


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New Sculpture Installation Continues on Mall

The sculpture collection on the Portland Mall continues to grow with the addition of Cairns, a series of six stacked-stone sculptures by Portland artist Christine Bourdette.

The largest sculpture in the

Cairns is located on NW 5th and 6th avenues between NW Glisan Street and Union Station. Bourdette designed the series for the future MAX Green Line Union Station area to celebrate points of arrival and departure. The artist was inspired by the man-made stacks of stones, or cairns, that have traditionally marked trails as landmarks for navigation and memorials.

Five pieces from the series are completed, with the last one scheduled to be finished in January 2009. The pieces vary in size from 11' tall by 6' in diameter to 3' tall by 3' in diameter.

Bourdette is one of the most accomplished sculptors in the Northwest. Her works are included in many private and public collections, including those of the Portland Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Boise Art Museum and Reed College.

The Mall art program is a collaboration with project partners, the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the downtown community

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