Friday, January 9, 2009

Thomas Lauderdale at RAPSU

On January 8 Thomas Lauderdale classical pianist, founder of Pink Martini, and an honorary member of RAPSU, returned to our meeting in the Multicultural Center to engage us with talk and piano illustrations.

Unfortunately Thomas was unavoidably detained because the memorial service for Ernest C. Swigert, in which he participated, went overtime, and his communication to us went astray. Some of our membership left during the half hour hiatus, but those who stayed felt it was well worth the wait.

Another problem that we're still working on is the speaker system in the Multicultural Center. It's new; it's complicated; and evidently it's too easy to tamper with. Jon Joiner, the director of the Multicultural Center told us that a previous group had done something to the system that hadn't been fixed at the time of the meeting.

Our program chairman will be meeting with Jon to address the problem.

Thanks to all for their understanding.

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