Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mosaics on Display in the Pearl

A number of mosaics by this NW artist are on display at Boyds Coffee in the Pearl at NW 11th and Flanders.

clipped from tomsroyalart.com
Toms Royal Mosaic Art

Toms Royal is an artist and designer from the Pacific Northwest. Since opening his business in 1995 he has created a range of designs and works of art. These include mosaic tile art, furniture, sculpture, textile design and paintings. His mosaic art has been featured in Oprah At Home Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, The Washington Post and The Oregonian.

The foundation for his art comes from three primary sources. The first is Nature and the interdependency of all living things. The second is his long term study of Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient Chinese martial art that uses movement stillness and balance to integrate the practitioner with the natural way. Finally Toms believes in the power of art as a catalyst for positive social change.

What makes Toms unique is his creative process. He abstracts universal elements such as fire, water and wind into primary organic shapes. Circles, foils, and curves to name a few become the aesthetic building blocks of life and the vocabulary of his art. The shapes are then modulated, multiplied and arranged into dynamic patterns that express form and systems of movement. This process gives Toms Royal's art a sense of natural beauty expressed with modern simplicity.

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